Monday, March 16, 2009

Hormonal Herbicide and Silly Spirits

So.........I am taking herbal hormonal suppliments again. This stuff is called Evanesce. I heard it is pretty good. We'll see. I read their info on the website.
It isn't like I am going all-out or anything, I just want to get my sanity back a little. Imagine being a man and living like a man, and looking like a man, and just flat-out doing man stuff. Then imagine that you're a woman inside. Like a woman in your head, heart and being, but since you have lived the "MAN" life so long, and made a decent world of friends, family and work around you that being a man isn't that bad anymore, yet...yet you need to be who you are and in doing so invokes a world of shit. So you take female hormones in herbal form, which are not so strong, but they work. You want to be more feminine in your appearance and life, but not kill the "jewels" right away. I'm preaching to the choir. ha ha ha ha

Yea, so okay. You all know what I am talking about. :)

I had a dream last night that was a bit odd. All dreams are a bit odd, I guess, but it had a part that stuck out to me. Besides being lost in New York City, being a dishwasher in my mother's house-restaurant, and getting upset that my friends from a long time ago were trying to steal my car while I went to class and didn't want to be late or absent...the part was about avoiding the elevator in some apartment building at certain times because something evil lived beneath it and would ghost it's way up and down the shaft, possessing people!

Well, I mentioned to a buddy in my dream that "wouldn't it be swell if there was a movie about ghosts possessing people and doing things with their lives to improve them? When the person's life is much better, the ghost leaves the body and then the person wakes up and is astonished at what has happened and doesn't know how they got there? Well, what if one of the ghosts on crew was a screw up with a big heart? This ghost would get assigned a person and then think that it is helping to make their life better, but in reality, it would be messing it up more or making it weirder!" The dream friend thought it was a cool idea. ha ha ha

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