Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Letter to the Bathroom Crazies

I liked that video of yours. It makes a good, strong point.

Men should not be allowed entrance into a womens bathroom.

Obvious reasons.

But here's the catch: this was about men who no longer behaved, dressed and assumed male roles. This was about transsexuals, not men trying to get free porn.

Most transsexuals go through a hormone replacement routine. This causes all sort of things to happen, one of which is the effect it has on the man's penis.

Estrogen and Anti-androgens will eventually make him placid, and definitely not sexually aroused so easily. There will be no rape, no molestation, no sexual encounters at all for true transsexuals.

It is true that some transsexuals keep their orientation towards women, but if that's the case, then a law should ban gay women! THEY are more dangerous in the realm of sexual assault in a womens bathroom then the transsexuals touching up their faces in the mirrors. They are just as dangerous to sexually corner a "helpless" woman in the bathroom, as any deviant male. Yet alas, not all lesbians are sexual prowlers either. See where this is going?

As for the children...are you implying that men want to hurt them?
I love kids, and I am transgender. I remain a man, though, and fight for our rights where my sisters cannot. In the animal kingdom, most males will eat or kill the young of a female if they are not his. If men are animals, then there should be a law to have us on leashes and kept in the backyard. ...>->
Yet, if men are animals, then women are too. Women are just as capable of evil things as men. I should know.

If a predator wants to sexually attack a woman in a public restroom, he most often doesn't care two-licks about the kids she is with. This is just a fact of criminal investigations.

Also, men who wish harm against women sexually or otherwise will NOT be hindered by the sign on the door that says "Women Only" anyway.

Well, I don't know what else to rant about at the moment, so I am done.

Please understand, I am a Christian too. I know where you are coming from on this matter, but you need to see it for the way it truly is, not through your fears of the possible unknown.

Thanks for even reading this.



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