Sunday, June 28, 2009

Summer Camp I Camp Mel Trotter, located in wonderfully small and country - Hopkins, Michigan.

It's Christian, so there are some different rules to follow than in other camps, but over-all, just getting paid (hardly) to have fun with kids all Summer long. Who can complain about that?

So, there isn't much to say about my trans issue. Aren't you people getting sick of finding the same 'ol blogs on the damn subject? *SIGH* Oh well... ya'll can get your transgender issues somewhere else, because right now, I just want to give an update of what I have been doing.

Well, obviously I am at camp, but I graduated college too. No more Bible college!!

Second, I am still very annoyed that I have a male body and character. Not a lot I can do about it, unless I come out completely and just get on with my silly 'ol transitioning by moving somewhere where I can get a fresh, TOLERABLE start.

Last, I have lost 12 pounds since March. Not the biggest news since MJ's death, but definitely an awesome thing for me. There seems to be this diet I saw online (link? I have no idea where I saw it) that can get you to lose muscle and gain fat. Well, I twerked it some, and I think I can lose muscle AND fat, but I need to be careful. Can't move too fast.

Well, that's it folks. Besides fighting a cold and trying to resist the urge to wear my womens tight-fitting bike shorts to the beach (which may be a fashion no-no, but what the hell, right?), I am just chilling and rolling with the punches.

Much love to ya ladies and gents.

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